Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sold Out !!!! The magical words a performer likes to hear

3 Shows of TUGHLAQ are coming up on Firday, Saturday and Sunday. I just got the news that we are all SOLD OUT!

Last week we had 4 shows - first 2 were sold out (Fri & Sat) but the other 2 were on Sunday and were only 75% full. It hurt to see those few empty seats. We all work so hard to put the production together - not just the actors on the stage but dozens of people behind the scenes: Sets, Props, Costumes, Make-up, Lights, Sound, Marketing, Spouses and Children whom we leave for long hours on the weekends to go to the rehearsals........all for passion, none for money.

Shouldn't every seat be filled? I think so.

So when I got the news few minutes back - I was a VERY HAPPY CAMPER! Looking forward to PERFORM!!

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