Thursday, May 27, 2010

Naatak Newcomer Mandar Deolalikar Speaketh

What's up with these new guys to Naatak's aversion to contributing to this blog by themselves? Are they anti-social to social media?  Now, I am writing on behalf of Mandar Deolalikar who bagged 2 roles through his kick-ass performance at the auditions. This is what he says ..........

"We are into the final stretch of the rehearsals and things are looking good! This is my first time working with Naatak and so far, I must say I am impressed. Tughlaq has a firm foundation in an eloquently written script by Girish Karnad and things are looking up! We have a team of really talented people here - from actors, to set designers, to costume, make-up artists, lights and sound engineers... All of them burning the midnight oil to bring such a succulent play to life. Hope you all like it as much as we're enjoying bringing it to you!"

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